Kids Activity

Standing Firm

Stand on a piece of paper and get someone to draw around your feet.

You have to ‘stand firm’ and still while they do this!

When we stand firm we are like a tree with its roots going deeply and firmly into the ground.

Stand on your drawn footprints again and imagine you are a tree, drinking water and goodness from the earth, sinking your roots deep into the ground to stop you being knocked over in storms.  Do you think anyone would be able to push you over?  It would be hard wouldn’t it!  What if you stand on only one foot?  Not so good?  That’s not standing firm!

When we choose to believe in Jesus, learn about him and trust in him, that is ‘standing firm’ in Jesus.

Now cut out your footprints.

We are not like trees are we?  We can move around!  We can stand firm in Jesus wherever we are, because his Holy Spirit is in us strengthening us and guiding us whenever we ask.

Colour in your footprints and stick them up somewhere in your bedroom or house to remind you to stand firm in Jesus.

Watch out for some equipment coming this week that will help us to ‘stand firm’.