Introducing our Elders and Wives:


Graham and Charlotte moved from a church plant in Manchester to start churches in Liverpool and beyond. Graham works full time for JCL, is the lead elder and enjoys playing tennis at the Cricket Club. Charlotte  They have two children, Naomi and Joel who are away at university.


Mark and Mary moved to Liverpool from Sheffield to help start Jubilee Church. Mark is an elder and runs Alpha courses both in church and at his Health and Safety work place. Mary is part of the worship band and leads Jubilee Kids. They have two boys, Timothy and Nathanael who are part of the Youth.

Andy and Emma moved to Liverpool from Nuneaton in 2011 with their two children, who are part of Jubilee Kids, and dived straight into various JCL ministries. Together, they oversee a number of areas of church life, and keep on top of church administration. Emma is an incredible host and chef so do make sure you get an invite for lunch some time.

Rohan and Steph moved to Liverpool for their careers in medicine. Rohan is a consultant surgeon and Steph is a GP. Rohan and Steph oversee our homegroups and run leadership training each year. Rohan carries a passion for seeing the presence of God impact every area of church and our city. Some of Steph’s songwriting can be found on the latest Christ Central albums.  Their son, Danny is one of our Jubilee Tots and is an extremely sociable and loving baby.