Last Sunday we had Jeremy and Ann visiting us and Jeremy delivered a prophetic preach for Jubilee – Jeremy said we need to see the greatness of what God has called us, the church, to be.

Isaiah 43:19 “see I am doing a new thing”.

Raise your heads – lift up your eyes. See the mighty things He is doing. Whatever our situations and circumstances.

God wants us to see the enormity of this local church (Jubilee!). We are unique, there are many great churches in Liverpool but God is speaking to us about his plans for us. God wants to raise us up to be part of the skyline. ‘Jubilee Church Liverpool is going to be a skyline changing church’.

Jeremy said Jubilee is like the church in Antioch.

Acts 11:19-27

  • God used persecution for His glory. When His people were scattered that lead to new churches all over the world!
  • The believers in Antioch began preaching to Gentiles.
  • They were the first ones to be called ‘Christians’.
  • They listened to the Holy Spirit and responded in obedience – they sent relief to Judea as a famine was prophesied.

We have all these nations represented in our church:

Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Belgium, Uganda, Scotland, Albania…

And all these areas of the UK:

Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, Newcastle, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Watford…

And thankfully a few from Liverpool!

Jubilee Church is ethnically and culturally diverse. Just like Antioch. We know Antioch was diverse because of the historical references and the names:

Acts 13:1-3

  • Barnabus a Levite from Cyprus – Jewish elite.
  • Simeon called Niger – black man (?freed from slavery)
  • Lucius from Cyrene (Africa)
  • Manaen – someone of royal blood
  • Saul from Tarsas – Greek speaking Jew

Antioch was a great city.

  • 3rd largest/most prominent at the time.
  • Major trade network.
  • Great heritage.
  • It had walled “quarters”/areas.
  • People from the nations came together in Antioch.

Much like Liverpool!

God wants to commend us for our cultural diversity. It’s easy to gather with people of the same, but God wants to bring together his church from all nations and backgrounds. There will be all nations in the new heavens and earth. 

This is who we already are, our perspective is just wrong so that we don’t always notice it.

Don’t be outward looking at other churches and get discouraged at how others are doing.


We want to be:

  • A church filled and led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Known by the strength of prayer meetings. We get a glimpse into their prayer meeting in Antioch: it was Spirit filled and led. Anyone can speak.


Stingray opening theme: “anything can happen in the next half hour!”

Let’s have this expectance and hope when we seek God in our meetings!


Don’t just get used to 1 church plant get used to 2 or 3!

Don’t just look to the elders for ideas. Use their guidance but first listen to God.


Antioch was a church that sent people on mission.

Apostolic ‘sent with authority’ – ‘Missio’ Latin – same meaning.

We all are sent with authority. Don’t put Jeremy and other leaders on pedestals with titles.

We are all sent!


God puts us in dark places because that is where light is best seen.


We are going to change the city; not just the skyline. Honour other churches in the city. Let JCL’s light shine.

Jeremy then finished by praying for 3 types of people:

  1. those called to JCL as home church. The bow stays the arrow goes. The strength is in the bow!  Deep roots and foundations.
  2. those called to local community – mission. To be light. Have faith.
  3. those called to the nation and the nations. Church planter.
Notes written by: Hannah Stone